Are CowPots Organic?

Are CowPots Organic?

The title, “USDA Certified Organic” is used exclusively for end products, i.e. produce, crops and livestock. Specific growing materials (i.e. CowPots) can only be designated as ‘approved for use’ in organic production.

The USDA has regulations and a list of qualified materials that organic producers and their certifiers use to determine what products can and cannot be used in organic production.

Individual certifiers consult this resource when reviewing products (like CowPots) to determine if the materials conform to the USDA’s regulations.

If you would like to use CowPots for your organic farm and do not know who your certifier is; this is a link provided by the USDA to find individual certifiers by state.

Contact your state certifier directly to request a review of CowPots for your farm. They will then contact our office to evaluate CowPots for use in your organic program.

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