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• Unrestricted Root Growth

• Reduces Transplant Shock

• No Plastic to DISPOSE OF

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Features & Benefits

• Stronger, more durable

• Increased water
holding capacity

• Greater root capacity

CowPots are 100% biodegradable, natural, sustainable, recycled and eliminate the need for plastic because it’s the bio pot you plant!
CowPots allow for unrestricted root growth, reduce transplant shock and break down within weeks of planting. With no plastic waste, transplanting is quick and convenient because it’s the bio pot you plant.
Established on our Connecticut dairy farm in 1997, CowPots are 100% made in the USA. When you buy CowPots, you are supporting American farmers and American jobs.

Testimonials #theproofisinthepoo

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"Porous plantable media, like these CowPots, enable one to better manage the moisture levels while rearing seedlings to transplant size than small plastic containers do.”
Dennis P.
[Regarding root penetration] This is one of the reasons why we are migrating all of our production towards this brand of bio pot! #cowpots
Bowensville Farm and Nursery
The Mint Monster is a great example of how happy plants are in CowPots! Many of our tomatoes and herbs are grown in them - pots made out of dehydrated cow manure! Plant the whole pot in the ground, and you've got instant fertilizer!
Decker's Flats Greenhouses & Florist
Thanks for the great product, you can see the difference in the field by using Cow-pots for all my transplants. We so often get behind on the TP schedule that the CowPots provide the extra buffer so the plants don't suffer for my floundering to stay on schedule!
Aaron LichtenbergWinnipesaukee Woods Farm, NH
I have bought them for my own production (small grower for landscape clients and myself) and I recommend them to everyone. They don't break apart on the bench which is such a huge deal with biodegradable pots. I use these exclusively and will continue to do so. So really, thanks for making such a great product!
Karen HarterCertified Sustainable Landscaper, Maine

Growing Trial Results

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CowPots break down faster than other biodegradable seed starting pots.

Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station compared CowPots to rice hull, Jiffy and Fertil pots. After 3 months of growing, less than 20% of the CowPot was still intact while the other ‘biodegradable’ pots remained with more than 80% intact.

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