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• Unrestricted Root Growth

• Reduces Transplant Shock

• No Plastic to DISPOSE OF

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Features & Benefits

• Stronger, more durable

• Increased water
holding capacity

• Greater root capacity

CowPots are 100% biodegradable, natural, sustainable, recycled and eliminate the need for plastic because it’s the bio pot you plant!
CowPots allow for unrestricted root growth, reduce transplant shock and break down within weeks of planting. With no plastic waste, transplanting is quick and convenient because it’s the bio pot you plant.
Established on our Connecticut dairy farm in 1997, CowPots are 100% made in the USA. When you buy CowPots, you are supporting American farmers and American jobs.

CowPots are the BETTER bio pot.

USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative funded a study. Results showed manure-based containers had nearly completely degraded (88 percent), while straw, wood fiber, soil wrap, peat, coir, and rice hull degraded 18-47 percent.*

Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots. This allows for air pruning and formation of root buds. Secondary root development throughout the pot grow into dense, healthy root systems. This root mass is recognized as critical to growing healthy plants and that is why CowPots are the preferred bio pot.

*Nursery Management – Pick Your Pot

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Recently published university study reviewing bio pots for nursery use, included CowPots.


How long should it take for my CowPots to decompose after planting into the ground?
CowPots will begin to biodegrade within weeks of transplanting. As long as they are completely buried at planting, they should be entirely broken down by the end of the growing season.
My in-ground planted CowPots are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?
Factors that affect decomposition can include soil type, soil bioactivity and water rates. Sandy soils and soils with few microorganisms typically display slower rates of decomposition in CowPots. Roots can still grow through the pot walls even if they do not rapidly decompose.
How long can I store unused CowPots?
If kept dry, indefinitely.


I'm an assistant manager at Tractor Supply in Awendaw SC I was very happy to see your Cow pots in my store they did very well . I want to congratulate you on your continued success . I was very proud to tell everyone your story!
JenniferTractor Supply Company
Thanks for the great product, you can see the difference in the field by using Cow-pots for all my transplants. We so often get behind on the TP schedule that the CowPots provide the extra buffer so the plants don't suffer for my floundering to stay on schedule!
Aaron LichtenbergWinnipesaukee Woods Farm, NH
We have been tagging CowPots on facebook with all the pictures! They have been a HUGE hit, we really can't thank you enough. Kids have been so excited to get to take a plant home.
Nicole ShermanCity Growers, NYC
LOVE your CowPots! I'm very pleased so I'm ordering more! Thanks for a great product! Keep making them!
KFreund's Farm Market customer

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